What is “TOKYO X”??


TOKYO X is the name for a brand of pork. The name is a combination of Japan’s capital, TOKYO and the letter “X.”
Does it seem strange to use the letter “X” for pork?
The letter “X” stands for “crossing” pigs with delicious meat quality, and also for the possibility of evolving towards a better quality product.

TOKYO X started when researchers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Livestock Experiment Station encountered a brand of pork called the “Beijing Black,” when they participated in a technical exchange between friendship cities, held together with Tokyo’s friendship city Beijing. The new breed, “TOKYO X” was born after 7 years of crossing Beijing Black with other breeds to make improvements for more delicious meat.

TOKYO X is not just any delicious pork. Each pig is raised with utmost care according to the “TOKYO X Rearing Manual” that aims stockbreeding different from the traditional stockbreeding that prioritizes economic efficiency or productivity.
The characteristic of TOKYO X is that the meat is light pink with excellent quality and colored fat. The pork is also known as “marbled pork,” because thin streaks of fat can be seen inside the fine-grained tissue, making the meat tender.

Production is commissioned mainly to pork farms in the Tokyo area, and some other neighboring prefectures.
Because each pig is raised with care, only 9,000 is reared each year.
The meat is sold only in Tokyo, making it a precious brand pork, soled only in Tokyo and known as the “legendary” pork.

Thinking we would like for as many Japanese and foreigners to try TOKYO X at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, we created a website introducing restaurants that serve “TOKYO X.”
We will continue to shout out the appeal of “TOKYO X” to the world.